GOCSA's latest recruit - John Konidaris.

GOCSA’s latest recruit – Yiannis Conidaris.

Dear Readers,

We once again bring to your attention the name of another imposter masquerading as an Orthodox priest. His name is Yiannis Conidaris and just like all the other GOCSA employees wearing similar attire, he too is on the payroll to literally deceive our faithful into thinking that he is a legitimate Orthodox priest. Sadly Mr Conidaris conceals the fact that he was deposed by the Church of Greece, specifically through the “Secondary Synodical Court of the Church of Greece for Priests, Deacons and Monks” (decision number: 33/2011).

Some questions to ponder:

  1. Why is it that GOCSA regard the canonical decisions of the Orthodox Church with such contempt?
  2. Why is it that GOCSA act in ways that implicate them as being unaccountable to their constituents (most of whom have received a canonical baptism prior to 1960) and consequently to God?
  3. To date since 2010 approximately 6-10 clergy of similar ilk to Mr Conidaris have been put on the GOCSA payroll but have since been sacked or have resigned. Why such an unnaturally high turnover?

Some possible answers:

  1. The Orthodox Church has no ethical standing in GOCSA’s decision making. Truly if they could GOCSA would rather remove themselves from having any association with the Orthodox Church rather than pretend they are part of the Orthodox Church. Of course to do so would mean that GOCSA’s true identity of not being affiliated with the world wide communion of the Orthodox Church will be revealed. (A fact that they expediently conceal from their innocent and vulnerable constituents).
  2. GOCSA get away with what they do because their constituents (including voters) are not informed about the injustices/lies committed against them. More precisely it has not sunk in as yet that GOCSA are uncanonical. Fortunately things are slowly turning around. Still there is much work needed to be done, especially by the GOCSA members. For example GOCSA members have every right to question the GOCSA admin about their non-canonical status as an Orthodox Church and to demand answers as to why they are being told otherwise.
  3. While GOCSA are in schism and outside of the communion of the Orthodox Church they will always have a high turnover of clergy. Unfortunately all they have to do is look up the lists of deposed clergy from across the Orthodox world for new recruits. In the past new recruits have come from as far as Canada. However now that GOCSA are open to receiving deposed Greek Old Calanderist clergy (mostly gentleman who have been defrocked more than once, like Mr Prokopios Kanavas who has notched up his third defrockment) there is an overabundance of stock.

Our heartfelt prayer is for GOCSA to be grafted into the communion of the Orthodox Church. To do so is simply a matter of having canonically valid Orthodox clergymen. It is the current calibre of clergymen in GOCSA that are a hindrance to any form of reconciliation taking place. Together with the GOCSA admin who condone them they personify all that is against unity for the Greek Orthodox faithful in Adelaide. May the Lord hear our prayer and unite us all by His Grace and through His Church.