St Basil the Great of Caesaria, the Heaven-revealer

Icon for 1st of January. Top: St Basil the Great of Caesaria, the Heaven-revealer. Bottom: The circumcision of Christ. Source: OCA

Dear readers,

Of course, yesterday was the civil New Year. It also happens to be a major feast day of the Orthodox Church, in which we commemorate the Circumcision of our Lord Jesus Christ, along with the great hierarch and ecumenical teacher St Basil the Great. We pray that everyone had a blessed time with family as we remember the occasion that the God of all submitted to the shame & pain of circumcision in the flesh, and shed blood for humanity for the very first time.

On the feast day of St Basil, we thought it would be appropriate to remind our readers of an earlier post back in 2011 where we briefly discussed St Basil’s teachings on schism. His comments are as relevant today as they were 1,600 years ago.

More posts to follow in the coming days – there is obviously a lot happening at the moment.