As we mentioned two weeks ago, we found out that Mr Kanavas’ deposition by Mr Haros’ “synod” is official, having taken place in a meeting of Mr Haros’ “synod” on the 26th of November. It seems the official notice has been posted on the news page of the website of the so-called Orthodox Metropolis of Australia and Oceania (the rival schismatic communities of Clayton, Vic and Woollongong, NSW who split from the rest of the Federation at the beginning of 2012). For the so-called Metropolis to publicise Mr Kanavas’ deposition in this manner is a breathtaking display of hypocrisy, given their own uncanonical status & the fact that all of their clergy have been deposed (sometimes more than once!), but that’s a story for another day…

You can find the official deposition notice at the end of this post. This notice has the seals and signatures of Petros Haros “of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania”, Meletios “of Achaia” and John “of Evia”. Additionally, all three of these have stamped & signed the deposition notice by John “of St Catherine’s (Brazil)” which we originally posted on the 10th of November (the one with the Google translate translation from Portugese into English).

Reasons for deposition

The reasons given for the deposition are:

  1. Seceding from the “Holy Synod”
  2.  Contempt for ecclesiatical authority
  3. Trying to steal bishops from the “Holy Synod” with threatening phone calls
  4. Withholding the necessary documents for promotion to the Episcopacy
  5. Completing of the “Holy Consecration” in the Chapel of the Nursing home of the community of Adelaide, the Holy Unmercenaries on 1st of November 2013 without the knowledge and permission of the “synod”. He used “Holy Relics” and “Holy Chrism (Myrrh)” necessary for the “Consecration” of unknown origin and authenticity.
  6. Gravely scandalising the conscience of Christians. That being officially Bishop of the “Autocephalous Greek Orthodox Church of the Diaspora” (“Former Exarchate of the Patriarchate of Alexandria in America and Canada”) and serving in the Holy Metropolis of Adelaide in Australia, on the 17th of October 2013 he sent the following secession to Archbishop Petros: <letter follows>

The letter that follows was the same letter that Mr Kanavas posted on Facebook on 2nd of November, so it seems that Mr Haros is corroborating the 17th of October date that Mr Kanavas claimed in that post. This confirms (contrary to our earlier suspicions) that Mr Kanavas did not back-date the “suspension” letter when he posted it on the 2nd of November – that he really did “suspend” Haros on the 17th of October (or rather, he tried to suspend Haros). However, while he may be cleared of that particular “charge”, this still leaves other difficulties for Mr Kanavas (as we mentioned in the earlier post), which we discuss now.

More questions still to be asked

  1. Why the delay in publicising such an important decision? This is clearly a dereliction of duty.
  2. He put the names of other “bishops” against the suspension notice but without their seals or signatures. How do we know that this wasn’t Mr Kanavas acting by himself?
  3. If Mr Kanavas has seceded from Haros’ synod, then who is now Mr Kanavas’ (and GOCSA’s) “archbishop”? Which synod is he now a part of?
  4. If Mr Kanavas really has seceded from Haros’ synod, then Mr Kanavas doesn’t have the authority to suspend Haros (only the members of Haros’ synod or a higher synod can do that). Mr Kanavas can’t have it both ways – he can’t secede from Haros’ synod and suspend/depose him.
  5. If the man who ordained him really is so corrupt that he had to suspend him after barely two months, what does that say about Mr Kanavas’ judge of character/diligence?
  6. It is curious that apparently Mr Haros is so corrupt that Mr Kanavas had to suspend him & leave his synod, yet apparently not corrupt enough that Mr Kanavas’ own ordination is rendered invalid.

This also raises interesting questions for the GOCSA executive, who were selling this union with Haros to members as if it were going to finally make them a legitimate, canonical Orthodox church. Now that they are no longer part of Haros’ synod, how can they still pretend to be canonical?


Brothers and sisters, as we have stated repeatedly, these events are a source of sorrow to us. However, while these scandals are ongoing, serious questions like these need to be asked if we are to ever put the scandals behind us. The GOCSA executive in particular owe their members (ie, those whom they were elected to represent) an explanation as to:

  • why they have been kicked out of three synods in as many years?
  • to which synod (if any) do they now belong? and
  • why do they continue to support a “cleric” as their head who has been deposed three times?

The deposition letter follows below:

Prokopios Kanavas' defrockment, page 1 of 3

Prokopios Kanavas’ defrockment, page 1 of 3. Source: the so-called “Orthodox Metropolis of Australia and Oceania”

Prokopios Kanavas' defrockment, page 2 of 3

Prokopios Kanavas’ defrockment, page 2 of 3. Source: the so-called “Orthodox Metropolis of Australia and Oceania”

Prokopios Kanavas' defrockment, page 3 of 3

Prokopios Kanavas’ defrockment, page 3 of 3. Source: the so-called “Orthodox Metropolis of Australia and Oceania”