St Nectarios of Aegina

St Nectarios of Aegina

St Nectarios of Aegina and Bishop of Pentapolis (1846-1920) was canonised in 1961. We recently celebrated his Feastday on the 9th November (which this year was Saturday just past). The story of his life in Christ is extremely well known. He along with many other 20th Century Saints such as St Nicholas Planas, St Luke the Surgeon and Unmercenary, St John of Kronstadt, St Anthimos of Chios, St Elizabeth the New, St Justin Popovich, St Silouan the Athonite, St John of Shanghai and our own St Nicanor of New Hilander (whose relics are in the Holy Monastery of St Sava in Elaine Victoria), amongst many, many others were and continue to be Holy Vessels of the Grace and Mercy of the Holy Trinity to us. They restored and continue to restore people to hope, faith and love in the “violent” unconditional love of God Who is as Humble, as He is Almighty, Whose love for us is so violent that nothing, absolutely nothing can stand between Him and His beloved. These Holy men and women healed the sick, restored the fallen, visited the discarded and the despised, fed the poor, and touched peoples souls and hearts so personally, as to raise their eyes and hearts to Our Resurrected Lord.  At no time, absolutely at no time did any one of these Saints ever talk of schism within the Holy Body of Christ, His Holy Orthodox Church when they encountered human sin and even corruption!! At no time!!!

In particular, St Nectarios, who by the standards of the world, had every worldly reason to walk away, never did so, because there is only one Church as there is only one Lord Jesus Christ!!! While we all understand that the Church is holy and perfect in Christ, this does not mean that individuals within the Church are perfect. In fact, we are all sinners and fallen needing the Mercy and Grace of God as we walk on our path of Theosis towards Our Lord Jesus Christ, Judge and Saviour, with Him next to us through the prayers of the Panagia Theotokos and the Saints – whether we be Patriarchs, Bishops, Priests, Monks, or Laypersons, only by the grace of God.

The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church is what it is. No one, but no one, can separate themselves from the Body of Christ (that is, the Church) and still somehow remain united to Christ. The Greek Orthodox Community of South Australia is in an extremely serious schism – ie, it has cut itself from Christ! Full stop!

St Nectarios did not leave the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church when he was wronged, but trusted in God to right the wrongs that were done to him. In 1998, the Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria and All-Africa finally asked for forgiveness from the LORD and St Nectarios himself for his unjust expulsion from Alexandria. The Patriarchate admitted its faults and in humility, repented of what had been done to St Nectarios. They admitted the sin and received the Grace of God to do what is right. This is what happens within the Church as the Church consists of imperfect people. The History of the Church testifies to this…but also in the wonderful and fearful Grace of Our Lord, Who protects the Church even at its darkest moments in history from human sin and corruption. Why?….because the Church is the Body of Christ, which gathers the fallen in His perfect love!

Make absolutely no mistake the events that have recently occurred and are occurring with the Greek Orthodox Community of South Australia are those of “wolves in sheep clothing”. This very sad situation, involving this fake so-called “bishop” Prokopios, who has now elevated himself to “metropolitan” and “exarch”, and who has been suspended within months of his so-called “ordination” by the same fake Archbishop who “ordained” him, and who has now in retaliation “suspended” with his own apparent “synod” of fake Bishops their own “Presiding Archbishop” (that is, the same man who ordained him), is so, so laughable and so pathetic, so absolutely pathetic, that one wonders to what further depths of total stupidity and embarrassment the Greek Community in general will be plunged and subjected to, in particular as the Adelaide newspapers and media still find it difficult to understand this schism and equate all of this as pertaining to the “Greek Orthodox Church”, despite efforts to educate the public that the Greek “Orthodox” Community of South Australia has absolutely nothing to do with the world-wide Orthodox Church, and that this so-called Former Exarchate has in fact nothing to do with the Patriarchate of Alexandria.

Recently Fr Nicholas Despinoudis and Deacon John Pokkias (who was ordained a deacon on Sunday 10th of November) have been received in the Archdiocese. May the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ visit all the humble faithful within the Greek Orthodox Community of South Australia and protect them from this evil, and grant them the courage to come home to the Orthodox Church. May the LORD through the prayers of the Holy Theotokos and St Nectarios protect our people.

The offspring of Selyvria and the guardian of Aegina
The true friend of virtue who appeared in the last years
Nectarios we faithfully honour you as a godly servant of Christ
For you pour forth healings of every kind on those who piously cry out:
Glory to Christ who has glorified you
Glory to Him who has made you wondrous!
Glory to Him who works healings for all through you.