Ioannis (secretary of Haros' synod) endorses Haros' decision to depose Prokopios

Ioannis (secretary of Haros’ synod) endorses Haros’ decision to depose Prokopios

Dear readers,

It is apparent that Mr Prokopios Kanavas has already been deposed from the synod of Petros Haros. Please see the scanned letter whereby this decision is wholeheartedly supported by the so-called “bishop” Ioannis of “Santa Catarina – Brazil” – secretary of Haros synod. (N.B “Santa Catarina – Brazil” just like GOCSA’s “Autocephalic (sic) Greek Orthodox Church of America and Australia” are just words to these people and thus not indicative of the geographical distribution of their faithful.) The official English translation is rather awful (more on this later), but the original Portuguese is quite clear: Ioannis agrees with archbishop Haros in deposing [em depor] and terminally removing [e afastar terminantemente] bishop Prokopios of Adelaide from this ‘synod’.

We wonder how long it will be before Prokopios announces that we have it mixed up (or perhaps are deliberately mixing it up), and this deposition doesn’t really count because he (along with Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny and the Tooth Fairy who unfortunately forgot to sign the letter) actually deposed Ioannis a couple of weeks ago… he just forgot to tell us until now…

Please note that by quoting these official letters from representatives of the so-called Autocephalic Greek Orthodox Church of America and Canada, we do not mean to imply that we endorse or recognise their ecclesiastical validity, nor the validity of any schismatic “bishop”. These are all dodgy organisations cobbled together and run by dodgy individuals. This latest deposition letter is actually a case in point: as we mentioned, the translation into English is quite poor. In fact, it is not just poor, but it has something odd about it… and Bishop utterly away Prokopios is the kind of weird, nonsensical word order you’d expect to get from a machine translation. In fact, it is a machine translation – it’s a Google Translate jobWhat kind of mickey-mouse organisation uses Google Translate verbatim for its official translations on documents concerning such important matters??? And why does an organisation like GOCSA – which supposedly prides itself on being a professional and well-run organisation – continue to prefer uniting with such mickey-mouse organisations as these instead of the Archdiocese? (Although admittedly, however mickey-mouse this official deposition letter from Ioannis is, it at least has official letterhead, signature and a seal – which makes it infinitely more professional than the suspension letter issued by GOCSA’s own bishop first appearing on Facebook!!!)

‘Bishop’ Ioannis of Brazil – secretary of Haros’ ‘synod’

‘Bishop’ Ioannis of Brazil – secretary of Haros’ ‘synod’. Source: AGOCAC web site.

By mentioning all these characters we seek to highlight that at the end of the day they are all as bad as each other. What Mr Prokopios Kanavas is, so also are Mr Petros Haros and Mr Ioannis of Brazil: cut off from the communion of the Orthodox Church! Our point here is that schism begets schism. In simple terms, less than three months ago Prokopios together with Haros and his clan (“holy synod”) became a syndicate – now they are divided and rival enemies. As we speak Prokopios is now shopping for new buddies to make a new syndicate. Will this new syndicate last? Of course not. Why? Because all that is cut off from the Church does not lead to growth but deterioration. These syndicates are not united by the bond of love that characterises the Orthodox Church, but by their own desires for self-aggrandisement, self-preservation and power-mongering – this is not a recipe for anything except for jealously, bickering, betrayal and eventual self-destruction.

Some more thoughts to ponder:

  • How can Prokopios accept “ordination” from the hands of Haros but now insinuate that Haros is an imposter? Prokopios wants to have his cake and eat it too, but he can’t have it both ways – either Haros is a legitimate bishop (and hence Prokopios’ deposition by Haros is legitimate), or he isn’t (and hence Haros’ ordination of Prokopios is not valid). If Prokopios truly believed Haros is an imposter then Prokopios would relinquish his grandiose title of “bishop”.
  • In a previous post we showed you an official document signed by Haros notifying the public about Prokopios’ suspension by Prokopios’ “president”, Haros. Today this is taken a step further with a signed & sealed declaration by “bishop” Ioannis who appears to totally agree with Haros “deposing” Prokopios from their synod.
  • For three years the Greek Orthodox faithful of Adelaide have been plagued by similar sagas as the above. When will this stop?

Who is responsible for this mess? (multiple choice):

  1. The GOCSA Executive Committee
  2. The President and Executive Committee of GOCSA
  3. The elected members that make up the Presidency and Executive Committee of GOCSA
  4. All of the above

Dear faithful members of the Greek Orthodox Church and GOCSA. The Lord desires all people to be saved and come to the knowledge of his truth (cf. 1Tim. 2:4). Please realise that this commandment from God cannot be realised whilst falsehood is personified in presence of schismatic “bishops”. We await the blessed day when the GOCSA executive will respond to this heavenly calling.