And so it seems, given all the available documentation concerning Mr Kanavas and Mr Haros, that yet again, the Greek Community in Adelaide is faced with more troubles which weigh on top of those that have already brought enough sadness and tragedy to many families in this city for over 50 years.

How many of our children have been lost to the Orthodox Faith because of the scandalous attitudes shown during this time which were seemingly evolved around Archdiocese versus Community? How many of our young people fell away from the Church. How many children noted that their parents only honoured their ethnic identity in Church and not worship the LORD? How many of our children did not see and feel in their hearts the Self-Emptying Love of Our LORD Jesus Christ and to come to a faith where they loved the LORD with all their heart, mind, strength and to love their neighbour as themselves? How many did not realise that the Orthodox Church was preaching that the LORD loved them and died for them? How many were torn apart by their misgivings about the motivations of people involved in these communities, people who have been driven by either their own hurts or their beliefs and/or even perhaps HATRED OF JESUS HIMSELF AND HIS HOLY CHURCH? How long will it be before we stop lying to ourselves?

This schism is not about property or money…IN FACT IT NEVER WAS…it was about about ONE PERSON, OUR LORD and HIS HOLY CHURCH and appropriate Canonical Order, as in accordance with the Seven Ecumenical Councils. Anyone who has a working knowledge of Orthodox Theology understands that schism is an extremely serious error. Of course there have been very personal human failings of those involved in this dispute over the years, whether from those within the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia or in GOCSA itself.

God only knows what has been said and done and what hatred there has been. We are all sinners. We all fail. We all seek forgiveness and to forgive. God only knows the suffering that we have all undergone. However the simple fact remains…GOCSA is and remains uncanonical…the so-called Autocephalic Church is uncanonical….the so-called Former Exarchate is uncanonical…the so-called “bishops” are not bishops.

We stand NOW with Christ in Our Midst. We call upon those in the GOCSA, those acting as “bishops”, “priests” and the laypersons to recall the Love of God and His Forgiveness, Who is as Humble as He is Almighty, and the Holy Theotokos whom we commemorate today and our Fathers and Mothers Amongst the Saints to come to their senses about this situation within GOCSA and come to metanoia/repentance and home to the Mother Church. We pray that the “priests” of GOCSA lead the way and bring their people back into the embrace of the Church. Show courage. The LORD forgives all in His Love when we repent. The Holy Orthodox Church awaits you in the Love of our LORD Jesus Christ. God bless you on this Holy Day. May the Theotokos cast her Protection over our people.