Petros Haros the new "Star" of GOCSA

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Mr Petros Haros is the gentleman who goes by the self title: “Archbishop of the Autocephalous Greek Orthodox Church of America and Canada – Former Exarchate of the Alexandria (sic) Patriarchate”. Of course he was first introduced to us by Prokopios as the “Archbishop of Athens and all Greece” to which we spoke about in an earlier blog. By now our readers are well accustomed with the tendency of some to invent titles since these titles come part and parcel with dressing up and claiming something that clearly you are not. However such digressions from Christianity are not new to the Christian Church. Saint Basil of Caesarea saw the exact same occurrences take place within his very own diocese of Caesarea at c. 370 A.D. What we saw in Adelaide and specifically on Franklin Street on Sunday is exactly what Saint Basil saw happening within his diocese of Caesarea. Listen to his very words:

The teachings of the true faith have been overthrown and the ordinances of the Church have been set at naught. The lust for office on the part of men who do not fear the Lord leaps upon the positions of high authority, and quite openly now the foremost prize is offered as a prize of impiety; and consequently that man who has uttered the more horrible blasphemies is accounted the more worthy of the episcopal direction of the people. Gone is the dignity of the priesthood. Wickedness goes beyond all bounds, the laity are deaf to admonition… (Ep. 257)

Sound familiar? Is there really a need to say anything more?

But what about Petros Haros, the “consecrator” of Prokopios. Further to what Saint Basil has already said we provide you with the following official documentation (just like we did with Prokopios).     

Let’s begin with what the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria has to say about Mr Petros Haros. After all it is the claim of Haros that they have their ecclesiastical validity through being aligned with the Patriarchate of Alexandria.   A translation (the original can be viewed below) of the relevant section from an official statement from the Patriarchate of Alexandria reads as follows:

We inform you that the Patriarchate of Alexandria and all Africa has no ties with this religious formation, the self-called “Former Exarchate of the Patriarchate of Alexandria”.


The Patriarchate of Alexandria has never ordained any of their bishops and thus there is no case under any circumstances of apostolic succession.


As for their alleged recognition, this was stolen fraudulently and instantly retracted.


Hence, we fully share your feelings of abhorrence towards this religious dysplasia which is disruptive of ecclesiastical unity.


We remain yours with much love in Christ and great honour.


+ Gabriel, Bishop of Leontopolis

Patriarchal Vicar of Alexandria

 Letter from Patriarchate concerning Petros Haros

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Athens “Church of Greece” has also produced its own official statement that testifies to the uncanonicity of Petros Haros as well as informing the faithful that Petros Haros is known within the realms of the Greek Police Force and Greek Media.


Holy Synod of the Church of Greece

Holy Synod of the Church of Greece

All the Greek News Papers from 2003-2006 have been involved with Petros Haros, primarily for fraudulently acting as a Medical Practitioner, when truly he was not. The Greek Medical Board of Athens has categorically stated that Petros Haros is not a registered medical practitioner. Consequently Haros was arrested by the Greek Police because he had an illegal medical practice and in 2011 was handed a sentence of six months imprisonment.

Below you will also find documents from the Greek Medical Association as well as articles from Greek media sources. This linked article from “Neos Kosmos” (9th August, 2013) brings together all the facts from these sources and others.

 Greek Medical Association

The Pretend Healer - Petros Haros

50 Euros, the cost of "healing"

Haros in the hands of the Police

We are saddened with the above realisations. However we consider it a duty to inform all the Greek Orthodox faithful of Adelaide about the characters taking on positions of responsibility and trust within the Greek Community. No doubt you will find notable resemblances between these characters, as if to say that they attract each other. How is this so? And why does this happen? Let us once again turn to Saint Basil, him seems to be an expert in this area:

[They] were not partakers of the Holy Spirit, and were not governing their churches by the grace of God, but had seized their dignity by human power and a desire of empty glory… Their aim is one, as it seems – to seek their own advantage everywhere, and to consider him a friend who assists in accomplishing their desires, but to judge him an enemy, and to spare no calumny against him, who opposes their desires”. (Ep. 244)

Brothers and Sisters we end with a litany of peace that forms the opening foundation of every Divine Liturgy. We ask you to please think about the division that plagues our Orthodox faithful in Adelaide each time it is said.

For the peace of the whole world, the stability of the Holy Churches of God and for the union of all, Let us pray to the Lord!