A quick update: Adelaide Now has reported on yesterday’s proceedings in today’s edition. The injunction hearing is still ongoing, which (according to our understanding) is quite a long time for a preliminary injunction hearing to be running.

Some interesting notes from the Adelaide Now report:

Apparently, GOCSA’s lawyer is arguing that the “power to appoint priests” (which they claim to have in their Constitution) is broad enough to include the power to appoint bishops too. This is certainly a rather odd argument from a Church/theological point of view, but we’ll have to wait and see how the Court will interpret it.

It also claims that this power is to be exercised “in consultation with the Autocepahlic [sic] Church”. This is the other open question – was the Autocephalic Church actually consulted, or did GOCSA act on its own? Certainly the impression of some of the other member communities of the Autocephalic Church (who were represented at Saturday’s meeting) was that they were not consulted.

Apparently, the presiding judge Justice Trish Kelly plans to hand down her decision at 3:00pm today. It will be interesting to see which way she decides. We hope to update everyone with the result on this blog, so stay tuned! And please keep Justice Kelly in your prayers so that God may enlighten her to hand down the correct decision.