GOCSA is not part of any Canonical Orthodox Church. That of course includes the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia which is an Archdiocese of the Ecumenical Patriarchate (or Orthodox Church) of Constantinople which is in turn, in complete spiritual and canonical union with all of its sister Churches of the worldwide Orthodox Church including the Autocephalous Orthodox Patriarchates (Churches) of Alexandria, Antioch, Jerusalem, Russia, Serbia, Romania, Georgia and Bulgaria and the Autocephalous Orthodox Churches of Greece, Cyprus, Poland, Czech & Slovak Republics and Albania.

Each of these Autocephalous Churches may also be responsible for a number of Autonomous Orthodox Churches around the world such as the Church of Finland which is a self-governing Church under the aegis of the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the Japanese Orthodox Church which are self-governing Churches under the aegis of Patriarchate of Russia.

Each Church is administered by a Synod under the presidency of its Patriarch or Metropolitan or Archbishop and consists of Archdioceses and Dioceses. Each (arch)diocese has of course a responsible (arch)Bishop, who is in turn completely accountable to his Synod for his Diocese.

If anyone, absolutely anyone or any entity (e.g. GOCSA) is in schism with any one of these Orthodox Churches then they are automatically in complete schism with the entire Orthodox Church that is every Church mentioned above which are the Canonical Orthodox Churches which are in complete communion with each other. All of these Churches are united and fulfilled completely in the Holy Spirit, as the Church of Christ, the Bride of Christ. These Orthodox Churches are of the same Faith, Tradition and Canons, each recognising the Ecumenical Patriarch as the “first amongst equals” that is the Presiding Bishop of the entire Orthodox Church.

Any entity whatsoever, and by whatever name it chooses to call itself, including the use of the name “Orthodox”, which is not in communion with any of the worldwide Orthodox Churches, is therefore not part of it, and its so-called “sacraments” or “mysteries” are of no consequence or invalid. This includes GOCSA. GOCSA is not in communion with any Canonical Orthodox Church of Christ. There are many entities that use the word “Orthodox” and “Sacred Synod” and “Archbishop” and numerous canonical sounding names designed to fool and to divert attention away from their falsehood, that is that they are NOT PART OF THE CANONICAL ORTHODOX CHURCH. ALL SO-CALLED “SACRAMENTS” MEAN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IF YOU ARE NOT IN COMMUNION WITH THE ECUMENICAL PATRIARCHATE AND ITS SISTERS CHURCHES. PERIOD.

The Communion of these Canonical Churches is in the Holy Spirit which preserves the Bride of Christ, that is the Holy Orthodox Church. Every tide of persecution waged against Christ and His Church and the Saints of Christ, whether through the Early Roman Persecutions, or Fall of Constantinople, or the Communist Rule in the Soviet Union could never destroy the Church. The Church can never be extinguished, precisely because of the Holy Spirit. Anyone, but anyone who goes into schism with the Church commits a extremely serious spiritual error because it denies the work of the Holy Spirit. All of this of course does not mean that everyone in the Orthodox Church is perfect. History knows of course of how certain individuals and groups who were within the Church, including malignant Bishops and Lay Persons have caused much controversy and hurt, but even then, the Holy Spirit protected the Church. The Orthodox Church of Christ, is where we come laden with our sins and hurts to the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, whether Bishop, Priest, Deacon, Monk, Lay person and to receive Christ, forgiveness, Life itself. The Orthodox Church is what it is and cannot compromise even one iota of what it is because it is in the Holy Spirit. This is the Doctrine of the Church that is central to Orthodox Christian Theology. This is why schism is so serious.

This is not about being Greek or Russian or whatever. Our ethnicity is immaterial to our salvation. It is about JESUS CHRIST, it is about LOVE.

We are truly sorry for the historical events that lead to GOCSA’s schism. May the LORD of LOVE guide those who wish to seek Jesus. May the LORD bless those in GOCSA who seek Him completely and truly.