Just a quick post for now, but more to come hopefully later today.

As you may have heard, Mr Kanavas has been elected “bishop” by the GOCSA committee and there is an “ordination” planned for this Sunday on the 11th of August.

For now, we would just like to point out that Mr Kanavas has claimed (on the St Nicholas Facebook page) that his election to the position of “bishop of Adelaide” was by “the Holy and Sacred Synod of Greece”. Just who this Synod of Greece is he does not say. Why does he not name the bishops of the Synod who allegedly elected him? He probably didn’t want to announce their names so that people wouldn’t be alerted to the fact that they’re not from the real Holy and Sacred Synod of Greece!

For all those members of GOCSA out there who are suspicious of the actions taken by their committee in their name & on their behalf, you might like to familiarise yourselves with exactly who & what the official Holy and Sacred Synod of Greece is. Again, we don’t ask you to take our word for it – you can look at the official website of the Synod of Greece, and in particular their page on the hierarchy of the Synod (which lists all of their bishops). We can guarantee you that none of these bishops will be coming to Adelaide this weekend to ordain Mr Kanavas. We also didn’t find any official press releases or statements referring to this upcoming ordination.

As noted, we will have more to say on this topic later, so please stay tuned!