imagesCAX0Q57NIn the tiny newspaper “Greek Tribune” (February 2013, p 3) and tabloid trash of all newspapers, some anonymous writer tries to deny GOCSA’s fake priest, Athanasios Rigalos’, unfortunate fall into the sin of homosexuality. The faceless writer cowardly does this without any official documents and without any attempt (or ability) to respond to any of Sydney or Melbourne’s Greek newspapers. Both the popular and nationally read Neos Kosmos of Melbourne and the Greek Herald of Sydney, have taken all the necessary legal avenues to access official civil and ecclesiastical documentation that testify with conclusive evidence to Mr Rigalos’ expulsion from the priesthood (see previous post).

The new recruit:
Mr Rigalos

The anonymous article from Renmark’s “Greek Tribune” in a vain attempt to compensate for lack of readership is now being hand-delivered into the innocent homes of Adelaide’s Greek elderly. And all this because once again the GOCSA administration want to save face for the disastrous mistake they made in hiring Mr Rigalos.

Adelaide’s Schismatic Priests. All fake all defrocked.

An example of the tabloid trash poisoning our community which purposely goes out to sabotage any attempts at healing the schism in Adelaide.