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It is with a spirit of grace and compassion that we respond to all those who struggle with any cross in their lives. Homosexuality is no different, if anything our heart goes out all the more to those who are experiencing this strong sense of warfare, of which most of us are unfamiliar with. Those in this warfare are not of lesser dignity or worth to anybody else. Like all people they do not cease to be children of God. And like all people they too will face the final judgement seat of Christ, of which our prayer is for the Lord’s all-abiding and boundless mercy to prevail.

Within the teachings of the Orthodox Church, Homosexuality is considered a sin. There are official teachings of the Church called canons that prohibit those who fall into the sin of homosexuality from entering the priesthood. Sadly it is possible also for a priest to fall while they are well and truly into their priesthood. Naturally this type of sin instantly removes the priest from office and returns him back to the status of the laity.

Currently GOCSA are in discussions about employing the services of Mr Athanasios Rigalos, a former priest-monk who was deposed from office based on his own admission that he was a practising homosexual. Of course he only made this confession as he was caught red-handed with material that would lead to this conclusion.

Below or if you click here you will see a recent article from the Neos Kosmos Newspaper that contains official documentation supporting Mr Rigalos’ removal from the priesthood.

It is extremely disappointing to see the GOCSA administration yet again show complete disregard for the teachings and practices of the Greek Orthodox faith. The mere contemplation of bringing such a figure from abroad is frightening enough, but to have him here at our doorstep and sitting at the negotiation table is to open Pandora’s Box.

SA priest confesses to homosexuality

Cleric of Adelaide Community, earlier discharged from the Church of Greece, confesses his homosexuality.

SA priest confesses to homosexuality

The documents received by Neos Kosmos detailing the defrocking of the SA clergyman.

15 Jan 2013
Kostas Nikolopoulos

A clergyman who has recently been recruited by the Greek Orthodox Community of South Australia, was discharged from the Church of Greece for his homosexuality, shocking the Adelaide community, according to sources.
Documents given to Neos Kosmos reveal that the priest, a former hieromonk, Athanasios Rigalos, confessed to his homosexuality, and was subsequently defrocked by Holy Synod of the Church of Greece.
The sexual preferences of the former clergyman of the Church of Greece were discovered in 1989, after he forgot a bag full of pornographic material in an Athens shop.
An incident report by the General Police Directorate of Attica (Protocol No. 3005/4/12-13 December 1989) entitled “Search of the briefcase of Hieromonk Rigalos Athanasios” – that Neos Kosmos has obtained – states:
“In one compartment of the bag there were a stole, a cross and some religious books, and in another one a copy of the magazine GAY for people with homosexual tendencies, two pages from unknown pornographic magazine with colour pictures of men in lewd acts and attitudes among other various objects.”
Neos Kosmos is also in possession of a copy of a determination of the Synod Court of First Instance of the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece (Determination 142/1990) addressed to Bishop Nikandros (in South Australia) whereby the monk Athanasios Rigalos is removed “from the high service of priesthood and eliminate him from the Holy Monastery Antinitsis … finally stripped him of all priestly rank and title, as well as of the monasticism, and return him to the laity.”
According to the Synod document, in his apology the defendant – then the monk Athanasios Rigalos – in the presence of members of the Synod Court, “… confessed, fully and clearly that he drifted into homosexuality,” since his young age.
According to sources, Mr Rigalos’ past has caused tension in the GOCSA board, with some members insisting that “Mr Rigalos’ past should not be of concern.”
Neos Kosmos understands that the religious status of the Community and the Federation of Greek Orthodox Communities of Australia will be discussed at the gathering of the members of the Federation, today in Melbourne.