June 2012


Worse than the First

The New Ecclesiastical Delusion of GOCSA

Neos Kosmos: 14th of June, 2012 by Kostas Nikolopoulos (Unofficial Translation)

“Reject a divisive man after the first and second admonition” counselled the Apostle Paul to Titus (Titus 3:10).

There is no point in trying to change a fellow human being who has no intention to change.  Admonish him once or twice and then reject him is what the Apostle to the Nations said to Titus.

Puzzled as to whether I should concern myself with the new ecclesiastical antics of the “Greek Orthodox Community of South Australia” I remembered Saint Paul’s advice.

I decided however to get involved with the new ecclesiastical delusion of GOCSA. This is because information I first received about the identity of the “Ecclesiastical Authority” with which the spiritually homeless administrative body of GOCSA and the two or three community members of the “Federation of Greek Orthodox Communities of Australia” who are aligned with GOCSA intend to work with, will bring new troubles to the flock of the “Autocephalous Greek Orthodox Church of America and Australia”.

The newspaper “Parikiako Vema” (June 2012) makes mention that during the deliberations of the recent General Meeting of GOCSA , the President Mr Nick Portelos informed the 200 member gathering about the Ecclesiastical issue:

“At another point of his report, Mr Portelos informed the members that the “Federation of Greek Orthodox Communities of Australia” has made an agreement to be incorporated into a recognised Orthodox Synod and shortly will announce the name of the new Archbishop of the Autocephalous Church.”

Mr Portelos avoided mentioning the name of the “recognised Orthodox Synod” to which the GOCSA established and maintained “Autocephalous Greek Orthodox Church of America and Australia” will “shortly” come under.

A few days ago I wrote that “the Federation of Greek Orthodox Communities of Australia “recruited” a spiritual leader from the Church of the Diaspora whose identity remains a seven-sealed secret”. Although the negotiations have progressed, “the administration of the Federation avoids publicising the name of the recruited Metropolitan of the Old Calendarist Church of the Diaspora (South America) until an agreement is finalised over his instalment in Australia” (Neos Kosmos, 28/6/2012). GOCSA and the Federation do not intend, curiously, to jeopardise the announcement of the name of the Metropolitan and the name of the Old Calendarist group which they will join before an agreement is locked in place and their new Metropolitan appears in Australia.

“Neos Kosmos” has been informed that the “Autocephalous Church of America and Australia” will come under the “Greek Orthodox Church of the Diaspora”, an autonomous group of self-proclaimed “Old Calendarists” which is not recognised by the Greek State or the Old Calendarist Church of the “Genuine Orthodox Christians”.

A document which we have in our possession from the General Consulate of Greece in Sao Paulo Brazil (Αρ. Πρωτ.Φ.300/ΓΕΝ/ΑΣ 181/28/03/2005) with a signature of the General Consul, Dimitrios Zoetos, makes known to the Greek Communities of Brazil and to everyone else concerned:

“We make known that, in accordance with the response of the appropriate department concerning the issued raised by our General Consulate, “The Greek Orthodox Church of the Diaspora – Greeceis not a recognised religious community according to the stipulation of article 13 of the Greek Constitution. Consequently the sacraments performed by those clerics belonging to it, such as those of Mr Athanasios/Evangelos Tsalikis, are not recognised as valid and are not assigned in the civil registry of our General Consulate or the specific civil registry of Athens or in other municipalities of Greece.

Let it be known that the Old Calendarist Church of Greece G.O.C (Genuine Orthodox Christians) considers Mr Athanasios’ or Evangelos’ Tsaliki’s standing as an Old Calendarist clergy to be invalid.

We ask that you take the necessary care to notify our fellow countrymen about this issue, which has repercussions (with respect to Greece) on their civil status.”

Standing: Athanasios/Evangelos Tsalikis, to his right GOCSA’s new proposed “bishop” Nicholas Psarombas

In a clear way the General Consul of Greece in Sao Paulo warns all concerned that the sacraments performed by clergy of the “Greek Orthodox Church of the Diaspora – Greece” are nonexistent.  That is to say they are not recognised because the said ecclesiastical group is not recognised, especially by the Greek State. Since this group is not recognised by Greece it follows that the sacraments they perform are not assigned in the archives of the civil registry of the local General Consulate. Neither are the sacraments assigned in the specific civil registry in Athens or of any other municipality in the homeland.

And here is a further piece of information which reinforces the fears of an embroilment into a new painful spiritual vicissitude of GOCSA with the other communities of the federation.

According to the webpage http://agodcsa.webs.com/6hierarchy.htm “In December 2007, Archbishop Timotheos, the president of the Holy Synod of the Diaspora, was succeeded by the Archbishop of Brazil-Latin America Athanasios.”

According to our sources, the Archbishop of Brazil-Latin America Athanasios is “Athanasios/Evangelos Tsalikis” to which the document of the General Consulate in Sao Paulo refers to and which we mention above.

“Neos Kosmos” has in its possession the decision of the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate (Αριθμ. Πρωτ. 13/10/01/2000) for which Mr Athanasios Tsalikis is defrocked and returned to the status of the laity.

“Because this Presbyter and Archimandrite, Athanasios Tsalikis, cleric of the Holy Metropolitinate of Buenos Aires married some young lady in a civil marriage, as presented to us by His Eminence Metropolitan Genadios of Buenos Aires who sent to us his file. Synodically making a decision in the Holy Spirit we determine that the above mentioned Presbyter and Archimandrite Athanasios be deposed from his priestly rank and his title of Archimandrite and of every working of divine grace. Having become a simple lay person his name from hereafter is Evangelos Tsalikis and in this way he will be recognised and called by all”.

In simple terms, the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate defrocked Mr Athanasios Tsalikis and returned him to the ranks of the laity because “he married a young lady in a civil marriage while being an archimandrite”.

If our information is accurate GOCSA, as the main basis of the Federation, is leading into a new ecclesiastical conundrum the people and the communities of the Autocephalous Church who continue to remain “faithful” to the choices of the Federation. The last ecclesiastical delusion of GOCSA will be worse than the first.

For the good of the Greeks of Adelaide and the Greeks of the other states, who obey the orders of the Federation, we pray we are proved wrong and if necessary refute our publications.

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The Last Deception is worse than the First

We have been forced to display the publications of the Neos Kosmos Newspaper regarding the sad choices of the “Greek Orthodox Community of South Australia” (GOCSA) to bring here to Australia a “new ecclesiastical authority”. According to the Neos Kosmos “the Archbishop” was a celibate cleric (Archimandrite) who upon deciding to get married was defrocked by the Ecumenical Patriarchate. After his defrockment he decided to move to Sao Paulo, Brazil, become an “Archbishop” and to be named “President of the Synod of the Diaspora” of an Old Calendarist faction.  

Who is this “bishop” recognised by? NO ONE

Neither the Greek Nation nor the numerous sects of the Old Calendarists recognise him. We hope that after these publications that none of their ilk dare to come here and present themselves as clergy. As married “bishops” they do not have the right to insult the Greek Orthodox Christians of Australia nor the traditions of our Church.

All faithful have a duty to be notified about this onslaught of irreverence presenting itself by this new manifestation of defrocked clergy. All faithful also need to be made aware of those who are responsible for inviting them to Australia.