Dear readers as we see below the only thing that can arise from a schism is more schism. Here we find an internal schism awaiting those eight communities (GOCSA and four others) that are part of the Federation of Greek Communities. In particular it is only those communities that are in schism that are threatened.

This intending schism comes as a result of GOCSA’s sacking of Christodoulos. Christodoulos upon the advice of dissident stake-holders of the federation responded by seeking partnership with a renegade “Archbishop of Greece and all Athens” Seraphim, who has his headquarters on the tiny Greek islet of Salamina. Together they invented the “Holy Orthodox Metropolis of Australia and Oceania” which upon the last count has three clerics and no laity.

Christodoulos without the knowledge of the Federation made these deliberations, and together with the two clergy men loyal (for now) to his cause, the self appointed “chancellor and vicar-general” George Athanasiades and Savas Pizanias, will set up shop in opposition to the Federation. Mr Athanasiades who in the past has said «υπάρχουν και άλλες πορτοκαλιές που βγάζουν πορτοκάλια» (there are other orange trees that produce oranges) and Mr Pizanias who once in the Greek Herald News Paper categorically denied he had any involvement with rogue churches, are both included in the media release of this new *Orthodox Metropolis*. (See image below.)

Of concern to us are the following words from the Neos Kosmos:

According to reliable sources the coup was hatched by a number of renegade communities with the specific aim to impede attempts by interested members of the Federation to engage dialogue with the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia.