In the below article from Neos Kosmos Newspaper, journalist Kostas Nikopoulos takes issue once again with Mr Prokopios Kanavas’ false claims.

As a reminder to all, on the 31st of January 2012, Mr Nikolopoulos had the following to say about Mr Kanavas:

Adelaide priest, the Reverend Prokopios Kanavas, has been asked by the Greek Orthodox Community of South Australia to give evidence over claims he posted on his Facebook wall.

Reverend Prokopios, from St Nicholas Parish in Thebarton, South Australia, claimed that he has completed a degree in Theology and International Law at Israel’s Hebrew University of Jerusalem, represented the Patriarchate of Jerusalem at conferences, and restored a monastery at his own expense.

However, the university has stated that they have no record of him studying there, and the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem has denied these claims in a letter sent to Bishop Nikandros, the head of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese in SA.

The chairman of the Federation of Greek Communities in Australia, property developer Theo Maras, told Adelaide Now he was “concerned” about the allegations. He called on the council to “deal with this quickly and ensure that the communities’ concerns are allayed”.

The letter sent by the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem made serious allegations about the priest – which can’t be stated due to legal reasons – that subsequently led to his defrocking in 2008. It said Reverend Prokopios, who represents himself in Adelaide as an Archimandrite, was ordained and served within the Jerusalem patriarchate as a deacon and that the Synod of the patriarchate deliberated on July 24, 2008, and defrocked him, at which time he reverted back to a lay person.

He then joined the Greek Army, later joining another faction of the church, was again ordained and made his way to Adelaide in 2010.

As yet Mr Kanavas has not provided any evidence to the GOCSA Council, or the Sunday Mail and Neos Kosmos News Papers, who are eagerly awaiting a response from him about his false credentials. Personally Mr Nikopoulos is also awaiting an apology from Prokopios which he believes he owes to all those who came across his fake biographical information online. Furthermore he believes this apology will be for his own redemption and wellbeing.

The only response that we have had so far from Mr Kanavas is that he admits he desired to study at the Hebrew University but was not given the blessing from his superiors. Well as the author of the article says it is one thing to dream and another to be real. When one takes into account his academic record it becomes obvious that his ambitions are well beyond the realms of reality and into the impossible. To usurp positions, qualifications and fabricate achievements for ones own expediencies is to undermine the integrity of those who you interact and deal with. In all human professions this is not simply dismissed as an error of judgment (as Prokopios proclaims) but rather a crime against human nature.

When the Hebrew University of Jerusalem was asked about Mr Prokopios (Panagiotis) Kanavas’ status as a student, the following reply was given by Dr Joel Alpert:

We do not have any record of a person of this name being a student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. (see image below)

May the Lord our God alleviate the Greek Orthodox faithful in Adelaide and all Australia from the schism plaguing our Church. May the schismatics come to repentance and may the unrepentant limit the harm they cause to themselves and everyone else.