Greetings to all of our readers in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We received an email from a supporter recently who had some encouraging things to say. In their pleasant email they made a very important point that we felt was worth sharing here on our blog. We therefore obtained their permission to post the following extract from their email:

I also pray that the schism is healed.

I also want to point out that GOCSA have done well in the past by setting up schools, and dancing groups, youth committees and festivals, the list goes on, but I can say that they have been very successful in raising money to build schools, aged home centres and the like – it is just a great pity that we are not united to make their great works recognised by all Greek Orthodox in South Australia. Just as the Archdiocese churches etc were built by the sweat, money and tears of many migrants, the same can be said for GOCSA.

Again, I pray for unity and it will be a great day when we follow what has happened in NSW.

Keep up the good work – I commend you for staying strong and speaking the truth against people who stand in the way of unity.

Can I make a suggestion for your next blog? Commending what GOCSA have been able to achieve in SA and that if unity happens they can continue this good work that will be recognised by the Ecumenical Councils of Orthodoxy around the world, and their Greek Orthodox churches will be given the Myrrh etc etc …

(A heartfelt thank you to this person for giving us the permission to post this.)

Ridleyton Greek Home for the Aged

Ridleyton Greek Home for the Aged

Our reader makes a very good point that we have tried to emphasise in a couple of recent posts, however upon this person’s suggestion we have decided that the point is important enough that it deserves a blog post dedicated to it exclusively.

There is nothing wrong with the concept of a Greek community organisation. Having an organisation in this state that caters to the secular needs of the Greek-speaking people is a good thing. Among some of the good things that GOCSA does are:

  • Welfare and Community Care
  • The Ridleyton aged care facility
  • Promoting the teaching & learning of the Greek language & culture
  • Greek dance groups
  • Running Greek festivals

These are all worthy causes for the Greeks of South Australia and we believe that GOCSA ought to be commended and respected for all that they do in these areas. And while we on this page don’t represent the Archdiocese on an official level, we are pretty sure that they would officially agree with this positive assessment of GOCSA’s purely philanthropic and cultural programs – after all, it would be difficult to explain why they left GOCNSW with autonomy in continuing to run their philanthropic & cultural programs after last year’s reunion agreement if they did not view their programs positively.

If we do not mention these positive comments frequently, it is not because we don’t believe them – it is only because these points usually aren’t disputed. In any conversation about unity it is only natural for more time & focus to be placed on those things that divide us, because it is only by addressing the issues which divide us that unity can be achieved.

Of course, although GOCSA does these things well, we firmly believe they could do them so much better if they weren’t hindered by their irregular relationship to the Orthodox Church. If they re-united with the Archdiocese, they would no longer have to waste time, energy & money continually looking for solutions to their recurrent “ecclesiastical problems” – then they would have more time, energy & money to spend on the things that they do well. However, although there is a time to be critical, we’d prefer not to go into this in any more detail just now. Instead, we’ll simply leave off by commending GOCSA for the good things that they’ve achieved, and pray that by working towards unity with the Archdiocese (hopefully soon!) they may able to do even better for the Greeks of South Australia and for the South Australian community in general.