GOC NSW - Holy Trinity

GOC NSW – Holy Trinity

Historical indeed for the Greek Orthodox Community of NSW was the recent Sunday that fell on the 30th of October 2011. Mr Harry Danalis, the president of the community, was present at the doxology service for the 28th of October memorial (the historic OXI) held at the Cathedral of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia in Redfern, Sydney. Outside on the foregrounds of the beautiful Cathedral of the Annunciation Mr Danalis expressed his solidarity of love and communion with the canonical Church when he laid a tribute wreath, together with his fellow presidents of other respected parish-communities and other distinguished guests. Following this were speeches and poems that were dedicated to the heroes of 1940 who fought for the freedom that is bestowed upon us through our faith in Christ and realised in the liberation of the homeland from the yoke of invading powers.

It is fitting to congratulate Mr Danalis, a hero in his own right, who together with the members of Sydney’s Greek Orthodox Community passed a motion supported by an overwhelming majority vote of 80% which took a stance and also  said the historic “No!” to the division of the Greeks in Australia. “No!” to the cutting of members from the body of Christ, the Church.  “No!” to their alignment with the Old Calendarist faction of the infamous Auxentios. “No!” to the false allegations that the Archdiocese is after title deeds. “No!” to those who continue the dissection of the Greeks abroad.

Later on this month (c. Sunday 20th of November) canonical clergy of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Austalia will be posted in the churches of the Greek Orthodox Community of NSW. In this way the induction of Sydney’s Greek Community into the Church of Christ becomes complete and final. Truly this is the response to heartfelt prayer, including the final hopes of those who left the world before us and did not experience the joy of this blessed decision.

Adelaide, all of the Greek Orthodox faithful in Australia are looking towards you, waiting for you to let go of the axis of evil that you call “clergy”. Saying “No!” to them will bring about your liberation from diabolical forces and welcome you back to the homeland that you were once a part. The template for unity has worked for the Greek Orthodox faithful living in NSW as we have mentioned in a previous blog. The Greek Orthodox Church awaits to embrace you with open arms in the same way that it did with those communities that in former times tragically cut themselves off from Its communion.