Well, the Greek Orthodox Church Adelaide blog site and Facebook page has been going for three weeks now, and things have really

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The First Ecumenical Council

picked up in the last week or so. Thanks to all who have come and participated in our discussion. While we have more blog posts in the pipeline that we would like to post in the coming days, we thought we’d take a breather to reflect on how we think things are going. Some of the more interesting observations:

  • Originally, most of the comments on our Facebook page complained that the Archdiocese was only after property and/or money from sacraments, or that it was simply “all political”. It is interesting that since our previous blog posts only (particularly, False history and  Template for unity) that highlighted that these complaints were unfounded, these types of comments are less
  • Although many supporters of GOCSA have complained that our site was too negative, thus far no GOCSA supporters have taken the positive step of offering a path towards unity. The only people who have taken this positive step are members of the canonical Greek Orthodox Church (ie, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia).
  • Most importantly: we have had many different opinions expressed in support of GOCSA – some self-expressed, others quotes from a myriad of philosphers, Roman Catholics, scientists, authors, and even atheists. Noteably absent from any of their posts are quotes from Orthodox Fathers of the Church, or from any Orthodox theologians. Again, the only people who have quoted Orthodox theologians are members of the canonical Greek Orthodox Church.

What does this last point in particular say about GOCSA and their position? How can GOCSA’s schism be justified if they cannot quote a single Orthodox theologian in support of their views? Isn’t the fact that GOCSA can only muster non-Orthodox writers in support of their schism further proof that they are not Orthodox? Food for thought…