Apologies to all those who participated in our vigorous yet fruitful discussion on our Facebook page Greek Church Adelaide – it appears that the account has been disabled for being a “fake” account, in spite of the fact that it clearly identified who we were and what we stood for. Unfortunately the fact that it is banned means that the discussion we had cannot be recovered – we apologise to all those who invested their time there.

Anyway, the Greek Orthodox Church Adelaide association page is up and running, so feel free to drop in and comment there instead, and invite your friends to join. This site should not be subject to the same sorts of complaints that the previous site was and should not hit the same issues.

We also know that what may have precipitated all this was that an unknown third party reported us for alleged breaches of copyright regarding the photos we put up of the uncanonical Churches. This is in spite of the fact that the most recent photos of these Churches that we put up were actually taken by ourselves!

It seems that some members of the schismatic community are not happy that we are exposing the truth about their churches and are taking desperate measures to try and silence us. However, the Truth cannot be silenced and we will push on in spite of these petty tactics.